These are the live demo files for attendees of "Bottle: When Small is Good." The original Python User Group Meetup event can be found here.

Files from the live demo are below; a short README follows.

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We built this Python webapp in under an hour as part of the demo for
"[Bottle: When Small is Good](" ([Meetup link](

The webapp is meant to expose a simple API over a corpus of zip codes and
their associated data.

** represents the [annotated] final version, so it doesn't include
several of the intermediate teaching points I included during its construction.**

It was created quickly, without any deep regard for extensibility.
It's meant to be instructive, not realistic.  For example, there
is no error checking, only minimal data validation, and the Bottle
variables are fully qualified (e.g., "bottle.HTTPError" instead of
"HTTPError") to help make explicit where Bottle is involved.

Some usage:

    python ./
    curl --data 'zip_code=08540&delta=100' ''
    curl --data '{"zip_code": "08540", "delta": 100}' ''
    curl -H 'Content-type: application/json' --data '{"zip_code": "08540", "delta": 100}' ''

The code and data can be found [here]( or [here](
The original Python User Group event can be found [here](

Ron Rothman