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San Francisco Does Not Suck

(trip photos here)

San Francisco is redeemed–for the following 26 reasons (with thanks to my new friends Molly & Mike for the format):

  1. Airborne
  2. Bowling with :(|)boy
  3. Cousins at the Cliff House
  4. Delicious beef BBQ at Memphis Minnie’s (*)
  5. Eating meat (pork, even)–accidentally, at the Slanted Door

  6. Fog
  7. Great white sharks eating Sara’s feet
  8. Hog Island Kumamoto oysters

  9. Inclined streets
  10. Jamba Juice
  11. Kayaking Tomales Bay
  12. Ludicrous housing prices
  13. Manka’s Inverness Lodge (*)
  14. Naked truck
  15. Obsessed with wine, everyone is
  16. Poulain 1848 chocolate, imported from Toronto (*)
  17. Quiero mas tacos
  18. Recchiuti chocolates from the Ferry HouseBuilding
  19. Scones by Conny (*)
  20. Tongue taco at La Taqueria (*)
  21. Underdressed for the SF “summer”
  22. Violetta plays with Sara
  23. Wine Drinkers Make Grape Lovers =))
  24. Xtra calories
  25. Yummy Vietnamese Shaking Beef (*)
  26. Zebulon

We can now freely admit that we actually like it there.

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  1. Emanuel Ferritis [subscribed to comments] said:

    Looks/sounds like a good time in SF. After looking at the SF pictures, and the recent NY pics, I have a question/comment… Would it be possible for you to wear that orange Princeton shirt a little more often? Please tell me this is some sort of lucky shirt. Or maybe I should be concerned about your health. Perhaps you suffer from some type of retinal damage which prevents you from realizing how excrutiatingly bright your classic t-shirt actually is.

  2. Ron [author of post] said:

    as my supplier of said t-shirt(s), you should know that i own two of them! and my motto has always been, “The Brighter, The Better,” which is why i haven’t yet asked you to get me one of those boring brown ones. :)

  3. Brian Fershtman [subscribed to comments] said:

    Next time you’re in the Bay Area, give me a shout at 510-558-****.


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