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Nefesh Yehudi Homiyah

(full trip photos here)

Just returned from Israel and İstanbul, and things are finally getting back to “normal.”

This was our best trip ever, and I hope to have time to write up some of our stories. For now, here’s a quick A-to-Z to commemorate some of the things we saw and did.

Israel: A to Z

  1. Amos’ GPS
  2. Bogus parking ticket at the Zion Gate
  3. Cellphones everywhere (and what the hell is a Pelephone???)
  4. Dodi’s cookies
  5. Elana’s birthday present
  6. Farochi hospitality
  7. Golan Heights bunkers
  8. Holy Sepulchre
  9. Immigration/Passport Control trouble
  10. Jesus Was Here
  11. Katan Ve’Kalah
  12. Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian borders
  13. Moti Giladi was at Noah & Yishai’s wedding!
  14. Neon green mosque lighting
  15. OUCH! Sabra thorns!
  16. Penthouse on the Mediterranean
  17. Qute soldiers
  18. Rimonim
  19. Super hummus in Jerusalem (Old City–Mulsim Quarter)
  20. Terrible Israeli drivers
  21. Ugly rock rabbits
  22. Via Dolorosa
  23. Western Wall tunnels
  24. Xtra-rich Dead Sea mud
  25. Yakov’s cherry liquer
  26. Zafed (or is it Sefad? or Tzfat??) and Acco

İstanbul: A to Z

  1. Ani Be’Shock
  2. Blue Mosque‘s call to prayer
  3. Cat pee on backpack
  4. Digital photography by Dennis
  5. Extortion by musicians at touristy Gözleme restaurant (Cennet)
  6. Farsi works in lieu of Turkish
  7. Gals bellydancing at Henna party
  8. Haggling at the Grand Bazaar
  9. Iznik tiles
  10. Juiced pomegranates
  11. Kitty city
  12. Lokhum from Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir
  13. Michael Jordan waiting tables in Havuzulu
  14. Nicole Weds Kartal
  15. Ottomans, Ottomans everywhere!
  16. Pudding store was closed :(
  17. Q‘oran
  18. Rakı
  19. Suzani hunt
  20. Tree of Life
  21. Üsküdar “tour”
  22. Very close shave
  23. What is sahlep???
  24. Xfoliating at the hamam
  25. Yummy simis
  26. Zee best table: Dennis, Ronni, Andrew, Mariela, Zara, Elana, Sara and Ron

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